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In case you’re wondering what the board does with their time and the association dues....

Milfoil treatmentWe obtain state permits for treatment, purchase chemicals, keep all signed documents as required by the state, send out notices, post lake shores where treatment will be made and do our own chemical application.  Other lake property owners in Van Buren County are assessed as much as $150 annually for their treatment. We MUST continue to control this invasive plant species---it will take over the lake making navigation very difficult.  We are also manually cutting Purple Loosestrife to control the spread of this invasive species that has made an appearance on the shores in the channel.

Lake Claritywe monitor lake clarity and bi-annually report to the state to be sure that we have no developing problems.

Lake Levelwe are now keeping tri-annual lake level readings to add to the records kept by the Sinclair family.  A Level monument was placed in their yard by a surveyor in 1988 at 758 feet. This will be helpful for us to see changes and patterns.

Keep signs currentin channels and at the public boat launch site (maintained by state).

Provide Reynolds Lake Directory an annually updated directory of names, summer & winter addresses & phone numbers of all lake property owners (also provided to fire department to assist in case of emergency---lakes can be tricky to navigate by road!).

Provide newsletters to riparian (owners of lake property) we attempt to send an informative newsletter out at least 3 times per year with lake news including information from the most current board meeting, from Lakes and Streams, comings and goings of your neighbors, and news worthy lake information from the area.

Bring in speakers to the annual business meeting in July we try to address current concerns of the membership as (as:boating regulations, gravel pit control, invasive plant species, etc)

Provide two open board meetings at members’ requests we have opened the spring (May) board meeting to all riparian as well as the annual summer meeting (July).

Provide social events the annual picnic (where meat & entertainment are provided), the pontoon parade & bonfire, and the winter celebration (in Feb) if you have never attended these events you have missed out!  They include plenty of time to socialize with old friends and to get acquainted with neighbors you may not have met before. There are kid and adult games, fishing contests, loads of door prizes, 50/50 drawing, dancing, bon firesyou never know what events may show up at the next event! Plan to attend- we’d love to see you there.

RLC By-Laws —  (see file attachment below)  By-Laws of the Reynolds Lakes Corporation - est. 1974  (revised 2009).

Please contact a member of the Board to join the RLC Association.

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Jul 26, 2013, 8:21 AM